Fred Treat - Note about 1910 Troop
Arcadia District Letter about Pioneer Troop
Arcadia Executive Committee Members
Troop 1 - Fort Myers Charter Registration - Royal Palm
1928 Tommy Goolsby Story
Tommy Goolsby Memorial
Monthly Council report to National
Monthly Council report to National
Sunny Land 1928 Charter Renewal
Monthly Council report to National
1929 CFE Campers
Monthly Council report to National
1932 CFE Camping Program
Sarasota County Councial - Letter from Finance Chairman
Sarasota County Council Payment Letters
Sarasota County Council - Support A Camper Letter
Region 6 Council Budgets 1934 - 1937
SE Charles Wilson Resignation Letter
1936 Sunny Land Officers
1937 January Sunny Land News Flash
1937 Royal Palm Council transfer to Sunny Land Council
1937 Sunny Land Financial Statement
1938 National Annual Report - Sunny Land
1938 Sunny Land Unit Roster
1938 District Recharter Papers
CFE Summer Camp Promotion
1939 Sunny Land Unit Roster
1939 Troop 2 Arcadia Newsletter
Boca Grande Fiedl Meet Records
194X Scout Honor Roll
194X Scouts Elgiable for Eisenhower Medal
1940 Troop 2 Arcadia Newsletter
1940 Camp Questionaire
1940 Camp Myakka Registration Letter
1940 Sunny Land Unit Roster
1940 Council Leadership
1941 - Serice Record in the First World War
CFE Summer Camp Registration Letter
1941 Defense Savings Posters report
1941 Letter to National about savings bonds easels
1941 Aluminum Collection Campaign Report
1942 2Q Waste Paper Collection Report
1942 Rubber Salvage Report
1942 War Time Service Report
1943 War Time Service Report
1944 4th War Bond Campaign Report
1944 5th War Bond Campaign Report
1944 5th War Bond Campaign Press Release
1944 War Service Report - Food For Freedom
1944 6th War Bond Campaign Report
1944 letter to the Florida War Finance Committee
1944 Region War Bond Summary Letter
1945 Council Service Report
1945 20th Anniversary Meeting
1946 Collecting Scout supplies for Scouts in Guam
1946 BSA Bulletin - Food Conservation
1946 Food Drive
1948 Old Timers CFE Reunion
1953 Special Funds Statement
CFE Old Timers Reunion
3000th Scout Contest
1966 - 1975 Sunny Land EOY Facts
1966 Formation of SWFLC
1968 SWFLC Charter
1969 - Sunny Land Council banquet program
1976 - 1977 Executive Board
1983 Sarasota History and Boy Scouts - Harry Thorsen
1981 Development Studt for Sunny Land Council
Col. Foster's Obit
1984 Manatee SM List
1984 Dale Baldwin resignation
Charlie Levan's ‘theme song’. This is the song he always led during summer camp and at other events. He was the maste.
1994 Sunny Land / SWFLC Merger Proposal
Brief History of Southwest Florida Council
50 Years of Scouting - Fred Treat / Edited version
Edward Cummer speech
Dan Thorpe Interview
2009 History of Scouting by Red Dog
Rick Langford's Safe Swim card
Dec 2, 1976 letter to Rick Langford
Jun 23, 1982 Letter to Rick Langford
Jul 22, 1981 Letter to Rick Langford
Adult Leader Training SPL - Rick Langford