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"Uncle Dan" Beard, Daniel Carter Beard, Boy Scouts, H.O. Kight, Royal Palm Council
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"Uncle Dan," Daniel Carter Beard, Boy Scouts of America, Hotel Punta Gorda, Kiwanis Club
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"Uncle Dan" (Daniel Carter) Beard, a founder of the Boy Scouts, wintered at the Hotel Punta Gorda for several seasons. He is shown here with members of the Punta Gorda Kiwanis Club and two Boy Scouts from Troop 5. From left to right, first row: John Gerald, W.R. DeLoach, scout Jay Duggar, "Uncle Dan" Beard (standing at center), scout Albert Quednau, William Persons. Second row: Scoutmaster Visinukes, Harry B. Mullins, L.V. Desquin, Dr. D.A. Rouner, G.C. Persons, Edwin M. Parker, Charles Cerny. Back row: Philip B. Huguenin, C.H. MacConnell, Clarence O. Coleman, R.S. Maxwell, Dr. M.J. Alexander, Frank Cox, Fred B. King, Byron L. Rhode.
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"Uncle Dan" (Daniel Carter) Beard, a founder and national commissioner of the Boy Scouts of America, wintered at the Hotel Punta Gorda. He is shown here, at left, with Roger Lyman, Scoutmaster of Troop 5.