Lodge: 552
Chartered: 1961 Lodge
Totem: Rising sun
Name Translation: Rising Sun  (Calusa)
Changes: 1961: rechartered after disbanding in 1955; originally Calusa 219
1995: absorbed into Osceola 564
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Charter Members

David E. BlakeMichael R. BrysonJody Carrington
James ConnerDean DickersonDavid M. Dickson
Raymond W. EdgeEarnie GreenoWilliam R. Grove, Jr.
Ray HendersonGordon HarraldRussel Hild
Richard JacobsJoe KinnonRobert Knight
Dean KolinskiRichard LynchHugh McPherson
Peter NassMartin O'Neill, Jr.Robert O'Neill
George PottingerJ. R. SiverRobert Sedaker
Gene StewartFred L. TreatDavid Westfall

Eckale Yakanen Order of the Arrow
1962 – 1995 (the successor lodge to the Calusa Lodge)

Although the number “552” was assigned in June, 1961, Eckale Yakanen records show that it actually got under way 16 July, 1962.

Many of the adults had been members of the Calusa Lodge before it ended seven years previously. For this reason it was able to get itself going. It immediately established itself in the tradition of service to Camp Flying Eagle. It was always faithful to camp maintenance. It painted every building in camp at one time or another. The lodge started small, 50 or 60 members, but its brotherhood and commitment to cheerful service was very strong. It was also well known for the spirit of its evening swims in the camp pool.

“Eckale Yakanen” supposedly means “rising sun” in the Calusa language, although it is unknown exactly where those words were located.

In 1963 -64, the lodge built the camp’s first rifle range. It won the bid for the 1967 Area Meet by being the only bidder. The lodge rebuilt and enlarged the camp Council Ring in time for the Area Conference. They also cleared the area for the O’Neil campsite. At this conference Eckale Yakanen introduced the Area’s first Host Neckerchiefs.

In 1968, during the Fall Ordeal, the lodge built a new equipment shed (now known as The Road Kill Café). A year later, November 1969, the lodge introduced a lodge newspaper. It was at first called the “Yak,” then later called the “Arrow Notes.” It was again renamed in 1974 as the “Gischachsummen”. During a lodge weekend in 1970 the current gateway entrance to the camp was constructed.

In 1967 Andy Kilien served as Area Chief and Ben Kilien as Area Secretary. Bill Albano served as Section Chief in 1974, and in 1976, David Shelton served as Section Secretary and Tim Mckeown as Section Historian. All were from Eckale Yakanen.

There was a period of excitement during the fall 1979 Ordeal. The candidates were taken out Friday night in a pouring rain. When they were checked later on that evening most of them had fallen asleep. At 2:00 AM the Ranger sounded the camp alarm. He had received a phone call from the reservoir upstream on the Manatee River. They had to open the floodgates and were not sure how high the river would rise. The decision was made to evacuate the camp. The county sent out buses and everyone was taken to into town to the National Guard Armory where their families came and picked them up in the middle of the night. Actually, only campsites Calusa, Cedar Hammock and Marie Selby wound up being flooded, and Saturday turned out to be a bright and clear.

In 1980 Eckale Yakanen won the SE-1 Section’s Carroll A. Edison award for Camping Promotion. That trophy resides over the fireplace in the current dining hall.

The SE-1 Section Conference came to Camp Flying Eagle again in 1984. Eckale Yakanen Lodge remodeled the boat basin into a new Council fire Ring (it had previously been the fire ring until 1964). That same year saw Eckale Yakanen bestowing its first Founders Awards to Brian Lain and Dave Trudell. Camp Flying Eagle hosted the SE-1 Section Seminars in November of 1986.

High water in 1988 dislocated the bridge across the stream leading to the old OA Ring on the west side of CFE. It was taken apart and moved back in pieces to its previous site during the 1988 fall Ordeal.

Camp Flying Eagle and the Eckale Yakanen Lodge again hosted the SE-1 Area Conference in 1992. Over 1400 were in attendance. One month later, 12 December, Camp Flying Eagle hosted what has become known as the 50-30 Anniversary - the 50
th Anniversary of the founding of the former Calusa Lodge and the 30th Anniversary of the founding of the Eckale Yakanen Lodge. Former Calusa Lodge Chief Laddie Williams was the guest speaker. Little did those in attendance know that three short years later the Eckale Yakanen Lodge would also cease to exist!

Osceola Lodge absorbed Eckale Yakanen Lodge #552 on 1 January 1995 when the Southwest Florida and the Sunny Land Councils merged.

    In 1963 -64, the lodge built the camp's rifle range.

    It won the bid for the 1967 Area Meet by being the only bidder.

    It built the camps Council Ring in time for the Area Conference.

    In 1967, Area Chief Andy Kilien and Area Secretary Ben Kilien were from Ekale Yakanen.

    In 1974, Bill Albano served as Section Chief.

    In 1976, David Shelton was Section Secretary and Tim Mckeown was Section Historian.

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1992 Section Conference Stage