The spirit lives, there is no doubt,
Within the heart of every Scout,
The hope lives on, the dreams survive,
The Camp Flying Eagle spirit is alive.

In 1929, many years ago,
There lived some men who sought to sow,
The seeds of brotherhood of man,
And there the spirit began.

The CFE spirit then spread about
To Scouts east, west, north and south,
And soon, under every tree and along the river’s shore,
Young men experienced the Scouting lore.

They camped and learned nature's ways,
They gloried in their youthful days,
They ventured where all others feared,
Because they knew they were prepared.

The world has changed as years went by,
But their values have not gone awry,
And many ask, "What is the worth
Of Camp Flying Eagle’s sacred earth?"

But each new Scout who learns our Ideals
Brings with him hope, desire, and, zeal;
Each generation of Scouts gives
The proof that the CFE spirit lives.

The treasured values of the past
Still guide Scouts of today; they last
In spite of changes that we see
Around us along the river Manatee.

And, still adventures filled with fun
Await today's Scouts, every one;
In them that spirit, born of old
Continues to unfold.

As in the past they continue to build
Using the skills of their guild
And above all in the skies
The beautiful Eagle still flies!

Red Dog
January 2007