July 13-27, 1930

Totem Pole: This Totem Pole was made by L.D. Roberts during the four weeks starting June 16, 1930 (Boy Scout weeks).
See Council minutes for July 23, 1939 Page 55 of 108.

Mess Hall and Activities Building: This photograph was taken during Girl Scout week July 13-27, 1930. Two girls are standing on the front porch. None-the-less, it does represent the very first dining hall which was completed just in time for Boy Scout weeks. See Counsel minutes Page 42 of 108.

Mess Hall with counselor blowing Taps: The girl blowing the bugle may have been Madge Wilson. At least three bugle calls were used; Revelries, Mess Call and Taps.

Counselors: My father, Wilbur Roberts, used to brag that he was a camp counselor at CFE for the Girl Scouts, and so he was.

However, he and Harold Link were actually the cooks. Since they were part of the staff, they were called counselors.

The women’s counselors were really -?-, Amarett Hauley, Lois and Madge Wilson. Lois and Madge were the daughters of Charles N. Wilson the Scout Executive. This was the second camping year at CFE since its purchase. Both years had Girl Scout weeks just after the Boy Scout weeks. Here is a good example of the Scout Executive reaching out to the community in general. Both of his daughters were involved in Girl Scouts as leaders and the Boy Scout Executive Committee approved their use of the camp ground. The Boy Scout Council probably wanted a male presence on campus.

By: Wilbur Harold Roberts, son of Wilbur Roberts in the photo

By Wilbur Harold Roberts, grandson of L.D. Roberts May 26, 2015

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This was the first Council Ring.
Mess Hall and some cabins have been built by this time but no permanent showers.
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