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Scouts and Scouters who attended the very first summer camp at Camp Flying Eagle 1939
Edmonds Bridge to Jennings Island CFE 1960s
Rotary Hall First building built at CFE 1929
Larry Robbins (extreme right) at CFE 1965
Scouts Building Shelter CFE 1943
1951 Troop 18 in front of orginal 1929 Patrol Cabin
Another view of 1929 patrol cabin
Pioneering project CFE 1930’s
Pioneering project CFE 1960’s(Camp directors quarters in background)
Camp Flag Pole 1930’s; Camp directors Cabin in background
Original CFE gateway ca 1955
Cub Scout and Boy Scout CFE 1944
CFE Dock_1929
Swimming class CFE 1942
Swimming class Manatee River 1942
Waterfront_entry CFE 1933
1942 - 1943 Camporee Felt
LeRoy Starret at buddy board Manatee River CFE circa 1940
Unknown Scout leader CFE 1943
CFE Summer Camp 1935
Tom Burgess T14 Teaching Archery CFE 1941
Burgess hand drawn map CFE 1950
Doug Bartleson at CFE 1949
Calusa OA_Ceremonial_Ring Jennings Island CFE 1943
Camping CFE 1950s
Harold Hudson, J.D. Bartelson and Richard Wheaton at the CFE Dock 1950
Scouts swimming in Manatee River CFE 1953
William Jr. and Charles Stevens Manatee Scouts late 1940’s
Edmonds Bridge to Jennings Island CFE 1953
Original CFE gateway ca 1955
Don Weekes - CFE Rainbow Patrol
Scouts in formation CFE 1950s
Aerial view CFE 1950
Scouts from T17 Rifle Range CFE 1965
Postcard of CFE showing youth working on canoe
The old rifle range being mowed by Mr. Duell
Obstacle Course CFE 1950s
Scouts Erecting Tent CFE 1965
Scouts T1 on Monkey Bridge CFE 1960s
Scouts receive instructions on constructing a Dakota hole CFE 1960s
Scouts in Dining Hall CFE 1965
Aquatics staff CFE 1963
New swimming pool CFE 1960
64  Scouts on Manatee River CFE 1950s
Scouts canoeing on Manatee River CFE 1960s
Merit Badge Class CFE 1960s
Archery instruction CFE
Scouts cooking CFE 1960s
Scouts in Camp CFE 1970
Scouts on obstacle course CFE 1960s
CFE Rifle Range 1977
Rifle Marksmanship CFE 1970
CFE rifle Range 1980
Eagles Nest Trading Post CFE 1970s
CFE jeep
Judge Gilbert Smith Jr.
1969 Bishop Building
Bill Grainger with rattle snake
Scouts practice fire by friction CFE 1970s
Scout buddies CFE 1960s
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Meal Clean up time CFE 1970s
Scouts from Oneco camping in pup tents CFE 1977
Scouts setting up tents CFE 1980
First aid class CFE 1977
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Ward Samual Porter (probably in 1970-80 time frame)
George Duell (unknown date)
William F. Clark (1924-2003) had no children of his own but he was a volunteer adult leader for Sunny Land Council photo taken 1990
Old Scouts  L-R Ralph Hauser, Laddie Williams, Raymond “Tiny” Edge, Dr. Bill King, James Dunn, and Wayne Bailey at 30th Anniversary of Eckale Yakanen A Lodge 1992
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1989 Training Lodge
1989 Dinning Hall
1989 Hidden lake
1989 Chapel
1989 Admin Building
OA Lodge Eckale Yakanan Tepee 1970s
1994 Camporee Outdoor Cooking
1994 -  Dan Lee
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Janice Dentler
Hidden Lake dock 2004
2008 Hidden Lake
Trail to B Selby Campsite CFE 2008
2008 Wilson Pond
Looking at Manatee River from the bluffs
2008 CFE Sign
2008 CFE sign
Judy Aldrich on bridge to gun range 2009
Current mess hall constructed 1960
Mess hall winter Camp 2009
Road Kill Café (1985) prior to remodeling in 2008
Road Kill Café (1985) prior to remodeling in 2008
Shooting sports complex 2009
90th Anniversary Back Patch
Left side of main gateway
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