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Eagle Scout
Warren Sawyer Saunders
Bradenton, Florida

Warren Sawyer Saunders was born in Oneco, Florida, August 9, 1913. At the age of seven he entered the Oneco primary school. In 1921 he entered Ballard School, Bradenton, Florida making a record there that resulted in his promotion from low fifth to low sixth grade. He graduated with honor from Biltmore School, February 1, 1929, and from Bradenton High School in 1932.

While quite a small boy, Warren became interested in Scouting and waited anxiously for the opportunity to join. On May 22, 1926, he became a tenderfoot in Troop 8, Bradenton, Florida. In September of the same year he was made assistant patrol leader. He became Second Class on September 22, 1926 and First Class on January 1, 1927. March 9, 1928 he advanced to the rank of Star and became a patrol leader, May 23, 1928. Later in 1928 he transferred to Troop 3, Oneco, becoming a senior patrol leader in that troop.

During 1928 he made a tour of the United States, gathering Scout material and information. He received the rank of Eagle during the Anniversary Week celebration of 1929.

Probably the biggest inspiration Warren received through Scouting was when he represented Sunny Land Council at the International Jamboree in 1929, and touring England, Wales, Holland, Belgium, and France afterwards. Returning from that event, he made a series of addresses on World Brotherhood at various civic clubs and other organizations, both in Manatee County and other parts of Florida. From his trips in Europe and the mingling with Scouts from all over the world came the inspiration which he found to write and publish a book on World Brotherhood as well as several articles entitled “Along the Continental Scout Trail,” which appeared in several Florida publications, all at the tender age of seventeen.

After the Jamboree young Warren visited Havana as a member of the Good Will Tour of Scouts from south Florida, going as representative of the Lone Scouts of Region six. While in Havana he was honored with the invitation to broadcast some of his Jamboree experiences, which he did in an address, “International Peace Through Scouting.”

During September 1929, he became interested in the Lone Scout program and made rapid advancement in that branch of Scouting, holding the rank of Grand Councilor and Lone Contributor. He eventually was appointed assistant council chief of Region Six.

In the field of journalism he expended considerable effort. In addition to the work inspired by the Jamboree, he served on the editorial board of Sunny Land Council’s Scout Bulletin as well as on the staff of “Lonie,” a Lone Scout amateur production.

With all of this work in Scouting Warren still found time to be active in his church and Sunday School affairs while holding down a part time position with the General Electric Company and managing the Bradenton High School baseball team.

Campsite Saunders at Camp Flying Eagle is named after this Eagle Scout.

Contributed by Red Dog Maynard