The 1980s saw the creation of several enduring Scouting traditions. In 1981, after decades of moving around the country, the National Scout Jamboree found a semi-permanent home at Fort A. P. Hill, Va., where the next eight Jamborees would be held. In 1982, a new Scout uniform—created by fashion designer Oscar de la Renta— appeared; with minor changes, it would remain the official uniform until 2008. And in 1988, the BSA introduced the Scouting for Food national Good Turn. This coordinated food drive, which collected 65 million containers of food in its first year alone, would continue on the local level into Scouting’s second century.

A Deadly Game,” the nation’s largest drug-abuse education campaign. A year later, the organization unveiled programs to train Scouts and Scout leaders in child-abuse prevention.

Two Scouting programs got their start in the 1980s. Tiger Cubs BSA began in 1982, giving 7-year-olds and their adult partners a jumpstart in Cub Scouting and the chance to “search, discover, and share” the world around them. Two years later, Varsity Scouting, a variation of Boy Scouting that uses sports terminology, made its debut. During the decade, Scouting also increased its outreach to young people with disabilities, earning recognition from a presidential committee for making the program available to 200,000 special-needs youths.

By the 1980s Council Facilities at Camp flying Eagle were no longer capable of supporting the usage of the camp. In addition, many of the facilities were approaching 50 years in age and needed to be replaced with more modern facilities. Sunny Land Council, therefore, planned and conducted a very successful Capital Fund Campaign in 1985. With funds generated by that campaign, the Council was able to build new rangers quarters, a maintenance compound, a training lodge, a new chapel, an administration building, a modern shooting sports complex, and several large activity pavilions. As these went up old facilities came down.

Ralph Peters replaced Wayne Gifford as the CFE Ranger in 1985.