December 2010

Added Silver Antelope and Silver Buffalo recipients. Also updated the Silver Beaver recipients to list all from 1931 - 2011.

Added 1930 to the minutes

Updated website

  • Changed theme used for website so it will have cleaner look and feel.
  • Split up the newspaper articles by decade.
  • Added an Award Recipients section for Live Oak, District Award of Merit and Silver Beaver awards

Created a new page for EB and District meeting minutes

Added circa 1950 Council Flag to home page

Guest book

Created an account with to house the Sunny Land site guest book entries.

Added photos to Troop 18 and created a Camp ROPACO page

CFE Plaques

  • Added the Camp Flying Eagle Plaques that hang in the dining hall in the Camp Flying Eagle Section.
  • Added revision history page to track revisions and updates to this web site.